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Cacao Bliss Is The Most Delicious “Feel-Good” Superfood Discovery On The Planet By Danette May!

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Cacao Bliss This Is The Official "Food of the Gods"

This Cacao Bliss is unlike any other food on the planet, and can help improve your life in so many ways, that Carl Linnaeus, the physician and famous scientist who officially classified plants named it the “Food of the Gods”...26 “Theos” (=God) “bromine” (=food) in Greek The active ingredient comes from the Theobromine Tree in South America. With careful reverence to its sacred power, the tree’s beans are hand-picked and sun-dried to perfectly preserve all the health properties it contains. I’ll tell you why antioxidants are so critical to supporting your long-term health in a moment... First, I know how it feels to be a chocolate lover, and think you have to turn it down because…

  1. “It’s not healthy for you”...
  2. Or because you’re watching your weight…
  3. Or you think eating chocolate sparks even more cravings...

This Chocolate is Different - Danette May Cacao Bliss Really Different

Most chocolate products sold today are LOADED with unhealthy fats and sugar, and go through excessive processing, which strips out most of the nutrients.27 This unique chocolate isn’t processed like mass produced chocolate, and contains no unhealthy fats or sugars, so that all of its health benefits aren’t just preserved, but maximized. This chocolate contains an incredibly powerful kind of antioxidant to help support cellular health, and a HUGE amount of magnesium and many other essential vitamins and minerals... making this a true “miracle food” that’s far healthier than dark chocolate, and even kale and blueberries!28 This superfood is so incredibly healthy and healing to every cell in your body, I recommend eating it everyday... not just to reward yourself with a delicious treat, but to provide your body with nutrients to support your healthy lifestyle. And here’s the best part… You can mix into a hot drink on its own or use it to add a sweet, chocolatey kick to smoothies or desserts – all while helping to support your health and focus. In fact...

There Are Endless Ways To Enjoy This Healthy Chocolate... All Totally GUILT-FREE!

Unlike the traditional cocoa you’ll find at your local supermarket, this rare chocolate is so good for you, you can not only create DOZENS of mouthwatering, luscious desserts like the ones you see above, you can also...

…all guilt-free! Cacao Bliss

Use this little-known form of chocolate to create the most RICH, DECADENT desserts you’ve ever tasted… on a daily basis... without worrying about ruining your diet! At this point you might be thinking this sounds too good to be true. I promise you, it’s not :) In fact, people all over the world finally know about this DELICIOUS secret of mine, and it’s time you do too!

Raw Danette May Cacao Bliss Is a Mind And Body Powerhouse!

Dr. Steven Pratt, MD, a world-renowned authority on nutrition and optimizing health once said...

“Certain foods – the right foods – can actually change the course of your biochemistry… they can help to stop damage at the cellular levels.”


Cacao Bliss Ingredients

Cacao Bliss Danette is a specially formulated chocolaty powder for enhancing your moods. It contains a dose of effective ingredients which provide lots of healthbenefits. Let’s break down the components of this cacao bliss and analyze them.


  • Raw cacao
  • Cinnamon
  • Mesquite Powder
  • Turmeric Monk Fruit
  • Lucuma
  • MCT Medium-Chain Triglycerides Powder
  • Coconut Sugar Sap
  • Himalayan
  • Pink Salt
  • Horsetail

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